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Events can be a game changer for your company!

To help you increase your return on investment for your conference attendance,  we have developed several learning experiences to refine your presentation capabilities.  You can download these resources:

  • Get Ready to Present Your Company                                  

This practical tutorial provides top tips for presenting your company in informal settings such as business meet-ups and matching sessions. What should you include in your capability statement? Should you customize capability statements for different types of projects? How should your capability statement look? >> Download

  • Get Ready to Pitch: Top Tips for 10-Minute Meetings

This session highlights the type of information about you and your company that should be included in your informal pitch. It also reviews do’s and don’ts to engage your listener. Non-verbal and visual guides will also be discussed. Get ready to schedule your second meeting! >> Download

  • Get Ready to Navigate a Contract Opportunities Conference

Use your time effectively at a contract opportunities conference such as CUNY and CUCF’s Diversity@Work. This intensive, tip-oriented tutorial will introduce you to strategies you need to know to ensure that your conference experience translates into new insights and new business. >> Download