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The City University Construction Fund (CUCF) is CUNY’s central administrator of its capital construction program and is responsible for more than 300 buildings across 25 colleges and professional schools.

CUCF is a public benefit corporation established by New York State to provide facilities for the City University of New York and support the educational purposes of CUNY. Contract opportunities for CUCF exist through CUNY’s Office of Facilities Planning, Construction and Management (FPCM).

CUCF’s contract opportunities at all levels (prime contractors, subcontractors, sub-sub-contractors and suppliers) are or will be available for specific projects and for task order requirements contracts for multiple projects in the following principal areas: architectural design services, engineering design services, construction management/build services, general contractors, trades contractors and real estate and property development services.

Procurement opportunities that are not publicly advertised are usually sourced through OGS Centralized Contracts or other Centralized Government Contracts.

CUCF, at its discretion may employ an informal purchasing process to competitively award up to $200,000 when the opportunity is targeted to NYS- certified MWBEs or SDVOBs, as permitted by CUCF’s policy and law. For purchases made under the informal process, CUCF must determine that a price is fair and reasonable. All procurements greater than $50,000 will be advertised in accordance with applicable law.

The CUCF Procurement Opportunities website (www.cuny.edu/cunybuilds) is an invaluable resource; solicitation announcements are posted; solicitation documents can be downloaded; and MWBEs and SDVOBs can link with actual or potential prime contractors by accessing updates on partnering opportunities and procurement status. Vendors are encouraged to complete the Solicitation Outreach form to receive notices of upcoming procurement opportunities.

For more information on CUCF guidelines and procedures, download the guidelines below.

Consultant Guidelines
CUCF Guidelines for Procurement Contracts