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The City University of New York provides high-quality, accessible education for more than 274,357 degree seeking students and 260,000 adult and continuing education students at 24 campuses across New York City.

The University is an integrated system of senior and community colleges, graduate and professional schools, research centers,  institutes and consortia. From certificate courses to Ph.D. programs, CUNY offers postsecondary learning to students of all backgrounds. It provides the city with graduates trained for high-demand positions in the sciences, technology, mathematics, teaching, nursing and other fields. As CUNY has grown, the University also has strengthened its mission as a premier research institution, building an array of modern facilities and expanding the ranks of its world-class faculty.  For more information about CUNY visit www.cuny.edu.

How to Get on Our Bidder List or Contractors/Vendors List
The University does not maintain a University-wide bidder/proposer’s list or preassign CUNY vendor identification numbers. Vendors are encouraged to contact the Purchasing Departments at each College to be placed on any potential college-specific lists. Contact information for CUNY purchasing departments is available on our website at cuny.edu/selltocuny. Placement of a vendor by a college on a potential bidder/proposer’s list does not guarantee receipt of solicitations from CUNY. To expedite processing and assignment of CUNY vendor IDs, we encourage all vendors to register with the New York State Statewide Financial System (SFS) Vendor Portal at sfs.ny.gov and with the New York City Financial Management System (FMS) Payee Information Portal at nyc.gov/pip.

What We Buy / Locate Our Opportunities
CUNY publishes a Chart of Frequently Purchased Goods & Services, whichis available on our website (cuny.edu/selltocuny). Interested vendors are strongly encouraged to review this chart to determine which CUNY colleges/schools may be interested in their offerings.

We encourage vendors to review our list of currently advertised procurements on our website (cuny.edu/selltocuny), or on the NYS Contract Reporter (nyscr.ny.gov) and City Record (nyc.gov/cityrecord). These advertisements provide critical information and are an excellent mechanism for MWBE and SDVOB firms to identify subcontracting opportunities.

Procurement opportunities that are not publicly advertised are usually sourced through Preferred Sources, OGS Commodity Contracts, Other Centralized Government Contracts, or are considered informal procurements with an estimated value less than $50,000.  Those opportunities can be identified by contacting the Purchasing Departments at each College.

Door Openers: Insight on Navigating Our Agency
Opportunity for vendors, especially for NYS-certified as owned by minorities, women, and service-disabled veterans, exist at all levels of the University’s purchasing hierarchy.

CUNY utilizes a University-wide collaborative purchasing process (University-Wide Contracts) for core goods and services managed by the University Office of Strategic Sourcing with decentralized purchasing at the colleges to meet specific needs (Campus Procurements). When the University competitively sources for University-Wide Contracts or Campus Procurements, we employ a variety of procurement methods, including telephone and written Requests for Quotes, Invitations for Bids, and Requests for Proposals. Generally, we award most contracts greater than $100,000 based on lowest price or best value. 

For certain Campus Procurements, CUNY - at its discretion - may employ an informal purchasing processes to competitively award up to $100,000, or $200,000 when the opportunity is targeted to NYS-certified MWBEs, SDVOBs, and/or other classified business types as permitted by University policy and law. For purchases made under the informal process the University must determine that a price is fair and reasonable.

For more information, review our website (cuny.edu/selltocuny) and/or contact CUNY’s Supplier Diversity team.