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Events can be a game changer for your company!

To help you increase your return on investment for your conference attendance, we have developed several easy-to-use Tip Sheets to refine your presentation capabilities and enhance the value of your conference experience. You can access these Tip Sheets by opening the link to an electronic page turner or downloading the sheets individually.


Tip sheets will be available on July 16, 2018

  • Get Ready to Prepare Your Capability Statement                                 

How should you present your company in informal settings such as business meet-ups and matching sessions? A well-designed, information-filled capability statement is an excellent tool for you to use to present your company at contract opportunities conferences. >> Download Tip Sheet

  • Get Ready to Pitch: Top Tips for 10-Minute Meetings

What should you include in your informal elevator pitch. What are some best practices to engage your listener? Which non-verbal and visual guides will support an impactful message? Follow the best practices detailed here and get ready to schedule your second meeting! >> Download Tip Sheet

  • Get Ready to Navigate a Contract Opportunities Conference

Attending a conference costs time and money. How can you best use your time maximize your conference experience.to ensure that your conference experience translates into new insights and new business? >> Download Tip Sheet